Monday, 11 March 2013

Internal Communication

Health means that we live a life free of distortions inside of ourselves. When we fall ill we notice an irritation in the relationship with ourselves. The disease irritates us in our internal unity. The body presents itself as a troublemaker instead of working frictionless, as if it would oppose us like an unruly child. We encourage it, blame it or lament, depending on the occasion – and at the same time we are the ones who are addressed and we are the medium in which the whole discourse occurs.

We are our body and experience ourselves as different from it because we can take a position from which we can relate to it. So there is a relationship inside an identity. For the position from which we start the relationship is contained in this body-mind-identity which we are. Where there is relationship, there is communication. The peculiarity of this communication is the identity in which it lives from this difference.

We are communicating organisms, and as we are the partners of this communication as well as the communication itself, and as we can be conscious of that, we are also a reflective organism, an organism able to relate to itself. This comes especially up when we are ill. We cannot lead our lives as we had planned; we have to stay in bed instead of going on a nice Sunday excursion. The identity breaks up which had been there before. In addition to the suffering which is part of the illness comes the suffering from the suffering.

We suffer from the distortion of the internal communication and our inability to cure it. By this, we tend to confuse our internal levels of communication which further more unsettles us. For we tend to distance ourselves from our bodies (sometimes even, when the disease is very grave, we can be disgusted at our bodies, or when the disease takes too much time we can become ashamed). The body we are becomes an object, and we are looking for help from the outside to correct that object.

For being able to feel safe again we need the promise of a successful healing. In our regions, the doctor is the authority for such a promise. Due to his/her experience and education he can articulate a prognosis which is comforting us (in case it is positive or harmless). Simply such a comfort can add to the healing because restlessness and tension blocks the inner healing powers. When the diagnosis is negative, the uncertainty grows.

For the communicative confusions grows the more speaker take part. Sometimes we wander from one doctor to the next, and everyone of them says something different. Then we are looking for complementary remedies which differ even more in their diagnosis and healing modalities.

Before getting lost in the turmoil of saving efforts offered by this complex world we should take a hold and realize: We are a communicative body-mind-being, and communication means to listen as much as to speak. Then we see that we have talked all the time, that we listened to voices from outside but never from our inner and intimate communication partner, our body, and especially from those parts which make themselves noticeable due to the illness. By our refusal to listen we enforce the distortion and are surprised not to regain our health.

Let us not augment the uncertainty which arises inside as a consequence of the disease, let us not panic but let us stay open to communication. Then we can start to listen to our bodies. What is it it wants to tell us, what is it missing, what does it need, what should I change? When this important information does not reach us our bodies do not feel understood and react accordingly. The basis of communication we build up by starting to listen can be an important part of the healing.

We are beings equipped with the means for using the internal channels of communication. This is what we should do whether we feel healthy or ill. For the more we train the language of our bodies the easier it will be available for us to open the inner ways towards healing.

Meditation is a way of training our inner communication. Again and again we can feel our breath in daily life. When we notice that the hustle and bustle of daily life starts to over roll us, it is helpful to withdraw to ourselves and take a time to feel: What does the body need to come to rest? By this, we can regain our inner harmony which is the best foundation for the health of our bodies.